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Updated: Oct 23, 2013 5:00pm CST

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Welcome to my little corner of the web :) I am a hobby photographer who somehow began taking portraits of family and friends. I discovered I love outdoor portrait photography, and enjoy making my hobby into a small side business when I'm not busy being a wife, Mommy, and veterinarian!

Nature has always been the place where I feel relaxed, at peace, carefree, and close to God. Photography has been a love of mine since high school. I combine my love of photography with my love of nature... and the images you see here are the result. I hope you'll take some time to look around and enjoy the sacred glory of the world around us, as I see it.... Thanks for stopping by!

PS - Are you interested in a photo session for yourself, your kids, or your family? Do you have questions about any of my photos or the available products? Would you like scripture or another quote added a particular photo? Please feel free to drop me a line :)